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Featured La Conner Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival in Skagit County

Tulip Festival Skagit Valley

When Spring comes to the Skagit Valley, so do the Tulips! Washington State is the second-largest producer of commercial Tulips after Holland. Skagit Valley is home to most of the Washington State Fields. Tulip Festival takes over most of the fields in Mt. Vernon and La Conner and creates a colorful carpet that hundreds of thousands of people come to see every year.  The Flowers Daffodils  Before the Tulips arrive in late March or early April, the Daffodils bloom! Daffodils…

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Fall in Skagit County
Fall Featured Skagit County

Fall in Skagit County

While the rest of Washington State begins to fall into the rainy fall weather and things button up for the cold weather, Skagit County is entering one of the year’s busiest seasons. As Skagit County is a farming community,…

Farmers Market
Featured Skagit County Summertime

Summertime Fun in Skagit county

Summertime in Skagit County is almost perfect one could say. With mild, temperate weather reaching the mid 70’s or low 80’s, it is the perfect place for outdoor recreation and fun. The Skagit Valley is a farming community that…